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Our priority areas


Improving the health of children and families and ensuring children no longer die of preventative illnesses

  • Health tech innovations
  • Mental health enterprises
  • Disability access and support enterprises


Greater access to quality education; ensuring that girls and boys learn in safe and positive environments, from an early age.

  • Education technology and e-learning
  • Vocational education
  • Education in emergencies

Child Protection

Ensuring children are safe at all times, and preventing their exposure to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence

  • Child-safe organisations
  • Gender-based and family violence enterprises
  • Child-labour-free supply chains

Related Themes

Building the economic capacity and the organisations and infrastructure needed to enable social impact and/or social mobility.

  • Climate Change
  • Agriculture & Nutrition
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

Investment Principles

Our Investment Mission
  • To source, fund and assist businesses that make an enormous positive impact on children’s lives
  • To accelerate solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems, whilst helping entrepreneurs and start-ups grow.
Our Investment Objectives
  • To generate income, capital returns and deep social impact from investing in enterprises that are working to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their families
  • Providing patient and flexible capital
  • Investing in companies operating in fields where Save the Children has deep expertise and practical experience, so we can support solutions to scale.


Gender focus

Delivering on the 2X Criteria

Our gender reporting at 30 June 2023:

  • > 35% funds deployed to Female Founded Enterprises
  • >30% of our Board and Investment Committee members are women
  • > 50% of our enterprises disproportionately benefit girls and women

For investors

Our investors include institutions, family offices, and foundations. We are proud that they support us and our mission of delivering innovation for children and strong financial returns.

For ventures

Our ventures span the globe and focus on impact first.  Find out more about who we’ve supported and what we look for in an organisation.

For Donors

By supporting the Save the Children Impact Funds, your donation paves the way for Save the Children to leverage your donation to raise up to $30M of new funding from the private sector.